What We Do

We deliver to Small Office, Home Office, SME's, Companies and Corporates outsourced IT services.

Support 365

The Support 365 is a solution tailored to fit virtually any sized environment. The acquisition of the solutions and services is very easy giving you the client the flexibility and control to select solutions and services from a predetermined support and management service menu / catalogue.

About Adcare Limited

About Us

ADCARE LTD was formed in 2007 as a technology company specializing in Outsourced Managed Technology Services - the practice of outsourcing day-today management responsibilities and functions as a strategic method for improving operations and cutting expenses.

What We Do

This covers managed service platforms - computing frameworks used to deliver networkbased services, applications, and equipment to enterprises, residences, or other service providers. A Managed Service Platform allows an organization, IT consultant or VAR to remotely monitor and manage technology, infrastructure be it systems, applications or utility from a central location.

It also covers Business Process Outsourcing Platforms e.g. call centres and Application Service Provision platforms like providing video surveillance, providing ready made software services, providing network infrastructure, and storage (servers, hard disk storage etc. and Valueadded services)

Our Mission

Understanding our customers I.C.T ‘pain’ by looking at their business/organization objectives and setting up ICT services and solutions for them.

Our Team

ADCare LTD is proud in its high skilled staff in the ICT industry, high level management and administration supportive staff with many years of experience in the technology sector. “We’ve got the right people on the job, people who not only get the industry, but get the trends in the ICT industry.”

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